our clients

are just like you

- Who want to exercise in a private, non-judgmental, family like environment.

- Who need the support of coaches who care about them and are there to uplift them to accomplish their goals.

- Who just want to feel like themselves again

- Who want to have their energy back so they can enjoy their family and not miss out on life.

We realize that everyone is a work in progress and it’s about making progress, not being perfect. 


Private Training

100% focused on You

Private training at New U is like nothing you've ever experienced before. You will get 100% of the tools, focus and attention that you need from your personal trainer to accomplish your goal. We look at your exact needs for your training sessions (including programs in studio and at home, stretching and mobility work to deal with any health concerns). We also provide you with a complete lifestyle training program for your nutritional needs (including recipes, portions, education and support). You will have everything you need to be successful and we guarantee it.


Group Training

Be a Part of the Community

Our group training program is perfect for people who don't mind working out and being inspired by other members. Imagine never having to think again about another workout. All you have to do is just show up. Each workout is different from the next and scaled to each individuals level of ability.

New U Personal Training

130 Argyle Ave N.,

Listowel, ON N4W1M6

Phone. 226.430.2175