Session Descriptions

Co-Ed Barbells: Co-Ed Barbells is for those who want to lift and get stronger and better at it. Each session involves a lift and a workout designed to improve your personal records and get you more technical with cleaning, snatching, deadlifting, squatting and more. Your coaches will ensure your safety and will teach you the fundamental barbell movements to develop strength, speed and power.

Ladies only Barbells: Exclusively for ladies, these group sessions focus on proper lifting technique. You'll get a great full body workout utilizing the amazing tool - the barbell! You'll learn to safely deadlift, snatch clean, squat, press and more - all while getting stronger, leaner, and more confident. You will not get big but you will get lean and strong! Come and experience the empowering feeling barbell training gives you.

Group Training: These small group personal training sessions emphasize functional fitness and give you the experience of personal training but in a small group setting. Develop proper form, focus on your personalized goals and get the support and accountability you need to be successful. These sessions are jam packed with variety and will get you the results you want. Use the battle ropes, tires, speed ladders, kettle bells and more. You'll never get bored.

Yoga Fusion: The fusion of yoga and pilates makes for an excellent core focused, restorative yoga session with no impact on the joints. Strengthen and tone the entire body, improve balance and posture and enjoy some much needed relaxation and stretching. If you want to improve mobility and core strength and decrease pain and muscle tightness these sessions are for you!

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