Take Down Lifestyle

The TakeDown Lifestyle, Nutrition Simplified.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, put on weight, improve athletic performance, get leaner, eat better….whatever your goal, this program will be designed specifically for you!

Completely Customized Nutrition Program

The TakeDown Lifestyle is about having a health and nutrition program completely tailored to your goals and dietary preferences... no copy and paste “Chicken, Brown Rice, and egg white” plans here...

Eat What You Love

There is no such thing as bad food, only bad portion sizes. You can eat delicious meals and still hit your goals.

End The Guesswork

We keep it easy and practical. We show you exactly what to eat, how much, and when.

Reduce Waste & Save $$

Planning ahead means less produce going bad in the fridge, and fewer leftovers forgotten or tossed into the trash.

Get Results Even Faster

Reaching your goals is easier when you have an easy-to-follow, customized eating plan and the accountability to keep you on track.

"The LifeStyle Program was easy to stick to because if gave me a sense of confidence that these changes were changes that could be maintained long term. Fad diets, food services and other methods may work for people short term, but they don't translate realistically to a lifetime. Once I identified the right foods with the right mix of carbs, fat and protein I was able to get into a zone. I feel as though I have the knowledge and comfort with the program to continue down the path to success. Because this program isn't just a quick fix, I can apply it moving forward.

Charley was a total transformation! He did lose 23 pounds on the scale, but 48 pounds of JUST FAT while increasing his lean mass by 19 pounds. His pictures just don't do him justice. He really gave the program a "go" and made lifelong beneficial changes for himself and his family!

What We Teach About Hitting Your Goals:

  • Nourishment and fulfillment are better goals than deprivation.

  • Eating healthy can leave you just as satisfied – if not more so – than “bad” foods.

  • To get to a healthy weight, you only need to incorporate certain eating habits into your life.

  • Once these habits are “onboarded,” you won’t be dieting anymore, you’ll just be living a normal life… but you’ll have the body you want.

The Take Down Lifestyle program could not be any easier. I liked that it is individualized- not a “one size fits all” program. It allows you maximum freedom of choice while teaching you how to plan meals so that you get the proper nutrition your body needs. Everything you need is provided – food lists, recipes, education, and support. I was a non-eater, believing that if I skipped meals and calories, I would lose weight. For years I followed the advice of my doctor and his nutritionist: just cut the calories. Thanks to the TDL, I’ve learned why that doesn’t work. When you eat right, the weight starts to drop.

Dana Thomas lost 33.5 pounds, over 9 inches, and 10.7% body fat!!

Completely Customized Nutrition Program

The TakeDown Lifestyle is about having a health and nutrition program completely tailored to your goals and dietary preferences... no copy and paste “Chicken, Brown Rice, and egg white” plans here...

One-On-One Consultation

This is where you will meet with your very own nutrition coach to help you set specific goals and create your individualized plan. You will leave the meeting with an understanding of how to make healthy eating a lifestyle, not a diet!

Ongoing Assessments

Your nutrition coach will provide you with ongoing support and accountability. They will help you stay on track and make sure you hit your milestones to achieve your bigger goals. Gain education on food choices, food labels, recipes, eating out, and getting healthier and stronger!

TakeDown LifeStyle™ Binder

Outlines the program including journaling requirements, cardio/fitness recommendations, recipes, meal ideas and other important components of the program. The binder is a tangible reminder of your program, progress, and plans.

What I enjoy most about TakeDown Lifestyle is the guidance provided. It helps me function at home and eating out at restaurants, at friends' homes, etc. TDL made the preparation of meals and snacks easy for me. Everything I learned and practiced helps me with portion control. I am still following it. I eat out occasionally and have a drink occasionally, but the next morning I climb back on the program. It keeps me in check.

Dale Schiering- Lost 11.75 inches. Down 8% Body Fat. Increased Muscle Mass. Lost 22.5 Pounds....All in 5 Months!

Ready To Reclaim Your Health And Fitness With The TakeDown Lifestyle?

Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or just live healthy, the limiting factor is almost always nutrition. Reach your fitness goals faster and safer with the TakeDown Lifestyle.

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